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Julie Wells - Attending Tadcaster Zumba For Over 5 Years
Having gone through a horrible marriage then divorce and the loss of my mother all within a 6 month period, mentally and physically I was a wreck. I had been told by my Dr that I was morbidity obese. I had to do something but my state of mind prevented me.
I felt worthless and only left the house for work. It was then I found Kayti I haven't looked back. Yes I was petrified when I went to my first class on my own but Kayti was amazing. Her effervescent personality just seams to rub off on you. I was made to feel so welcome.
Her words of encouragement mean so much. She always takes time to ask how you are and takes a very genuine interest in all of us. She truly cares. It's like a family we all take care of each other.
The class is full of fun , laughter and whooping, before you know it the class has finished and your buzzing feeling on top of the world and looking forward to your next class. Kayti is always very approachable for tips and takes time to show you a dance step if you are having difficulty.
I have lost over 7 stone and kept it off. I feel fantastic both mentally and physically.
For me meeting Kayti really did save me in more ways than one. Yes I have lost my weight but I have gained so much more..... a family self confidence self worth..and a belief in can do anything. I owe it all to Kayti.

No stopping me now..... WHOOP WHOOP.

See you on the dance floor. Xx
Kirsty Firth
This is the best class ever! It's fun and social but also a great work out. I go with my friends but also dont mind attending a class on my own everyone's so lovely. The music is both current and traditional of the zumba vibe. Kayti adds new moves and freshens it up regular. I've lost lots of weight and stayed fit.
Julie Jude Wells
WOW what can I say. A true inspiration to everyone. I've lost 6 and a half stone but I have gained a family and friends. Kayti's classes mean so much to me. She is someone who is constant in my life. She is always there. Always smiling and knows us all so well. She truly cares about everyone. I'm so blessed to know her . Thank goodness I found kt Dance Fit. She has saved me in so many ways. I will be forever in her debt

Alison Yates
I absolutely love Kayti's Fitsteps class .. it's so exhilarating and uplifting and you can't help but leave with a huge smile on your face. The music is always fab and the routines are fun and energetic. Kayti breaks down the steps in to bite sized chunks and very quickly you're actually dancing and burning plenty of calories too! Thank you so much Kayti - your fabulous fun Fitsteps class is the best!

Kelly Tomlinson
Absolutely loved the dance fever session at Wetherby High School. More please!! Always come away buzzing

Anja Woods
Love this class. Kayti makes exercise fun! Her energy is infectious. She doesn't single anyone out for not being co-ordinated, explains things clearly and tells you where it's toning. Good mixture of contemporary songs and classic Zumba tracks. I've been going for over 3 or 4 years now. I've made new friends just by attending the classes too. V v v highly recommended.

Jennifer Adams
Kt Zumba class is absolutely fantastic. I've only been going for 6 months but it's improved my fitness and confidence. I now have my pre children body back and it's toned my baby belly and helped shift that last stubborn stone of weight!. Can highly recommend to anyone.

Jennifer Liz
I absolutely love Zumba! Kayti and her team are all amazing and I have never loved exercise so much!! I have never kept anything up but I have been doing Zumba for over 3 years now so that must tell you something!!

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